RYA Powerboat

The National Powerboat Scheme is for those wanting to drive small open powerboats such as RIBs, sports boats and small launches. These boats are generally powered by an outboard engine, do not normally have accommodation on board, and so are not intended for extended cruises. They may be used for short coastal or inland trips, fishing, safety cover for other watersports, waterskiing or as a support boat for diving.

Whether you use powerboats for leisure or work, or in connection with another activity such as sailing or rescue, we have a course for you!


RYA level 1 ‘Start Powerboating’

This RYA Level 1, one day ‘Start Powerboating’ course is aimed to be a practical introduction to boat handling and safety in powerboats. Minimum age of 8 years old (endorsed as supervised use by an adult until age 16).  The run this course by arrangement.  Just let us know when you would be interested in completing it and for how many people.


RYA Level 2 National Powerboat Course

This RYA Level 2 (Coastal), two day course, aims to teach competent boat handling in powerboats and is often regarded as the ‘driving license’ for powerboats of up to 10 meters in size. The course is designed for adults from 16 yrs for solo boat handling.  The level 2 powerboat course can also be taken from age 12-16 but will be endorsed as supervised use by an adult.


International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

If you want to cruise outside the UK you are likely to need certification, often in the form of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).
RYA courses can help you achieve this, with the Powerboat Level 2 providing evidence of your competence to qualify you for the ICC. Please ask for more information.