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Expedition Logistics and Guides

Over the last 30 years Anthony has guided expeditions on nearly every continent. The first descent of rivers, summiting peaks across the globe, remote jungles, challenging oceans and polar regions.

We have outfitted and guided private client groups all over the world, provided guides and expedition staff for operators, run bespoke training programs (see guide training programs under training and courses), sourced and supplied equipment and assisted with pre expedition planning and logistics.


• Bhutan – In 2006 under Royal invitation we were given unrestricted access to complete the first descent of its river systems as the Kingdom opened up to Tourism. Escorting a range of researchers including Geologist and zoologists, this was filmed by Discovery Channel. Over the last 14 years we have devised new itineraries across the country and guided numerous pioneering expeditions including cycling, trekking, paddling and trekking. In 2016 we ran the first international group from Singapore to Stand Up Paddle Board the rivers of Bhutan.

• Grand Canyon – We have arranged and guided a number of 14 day descends for private groups down the mighty Colorado river.

• Nepal – With over 25 years’ experience in every mountain range and every river system we call this our second home. We have outfitted and run over 20 major expeditions across the country for private clients and groups.

• Under the invitation of the Swedish Tourist Board we explored the West coast for sea kayak itineraries working with local operators and helped to establish some of the first multi day sea safari kayak trips.

• Having worked with a number of production companies we more recently provided the expedition expertise for Amazon Prime’s ‘The Grand Tour’ special ‘- ‘Seamen’. This included training the producers, expedition planning and logistics through Cambodia and Vietnam, and providing safety expertise and advice for the shoot and the team of 50 people.

• Our expedition work has featured in Telegraph, BBC, Metro, Independent, Men’s Health, The week, Cyclist Magazine and The City Magazine to name a few!

• In addition to the above examples our experience also includes South America, North America, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, the Middle East, Russia and of course throughout Europe…and the list continues to grow!

We specialise in helping others outfit their expeditions using our expertise and guides!

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