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Consultancy and Expertise

Ant Eddies-Davies is the founder of Adventure Consultancy and one of the most experienced people in the world at guiding and adventure training and has forged lifelong relationships with communities across the globe as an expedition leader. He is one of the leading figures in the world of adventure travel and professional outdoor training and it’s his wealth of experience in this industry which helps set Adventure Consultancy apart.

Working with agencies and organisations all over the world, Ant is the go-to man when it comes to adventure training and travel. A professional expedition guide for over half of his lifetime on every continent and in some of the remotest regions on the planet, Ant has worked with government agencies, Olympic associations, television crews and emergency services as they all look to his expertise to drive their own organisations forward.

As a professional trainer he runs guide training programs on four different continents being highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of adventure activities as well as training everyone from the emergency services to international defence forces. This knowledge and experience gained him the accolade of ‘Rescue 3 European Instructor of the year’ in 2019.

Recent Examples:

• UK – When the provider of military amphibious vehicles was approached by Western power to supply and train their staff for specialist water rescue training for servicing substations we were approached. Working with the supplier and western power, we helped to develop a training program that was then delivered to teams across the UK.

• Bhutan – Working with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) as their European partner to develop and promote what was labelled as the hardest one-day mountain bike race in the world – ‘The Tour of The Dragon’. Through this process we managed the first European rider to enter the race in Bhutan and then hosted Bhutan’s top rider to compete in the UK.

• In 2020, working with the TCB, we have worked to develop the 1st Annual River guide training program. Endorsed by the TCB and recognised into the national educational framework our team will be running the first training program for 40 guides in Bhutan this spring, and then supporting the process to develop in country trainers over the coming years.

• Working as the ‘Head of Awards’ Ant is currently assisting the Summit Adventure Academy based in Nepal to develop a range of world class educational programs on the rivers and in the mountains for international students.

• In recent years Ant has been employed for a number of film and TV productions and more recently worked as the’ Expedition Expert’ to Amazon Prime’s ‘The Grand Tour’ – Ant works as the advisor and expedition expert for a number of productions around the world. This role includes technical advice and safety, expedition logistics, guiding, and training presenters and crew.

UK – Adventure Consultancy regularly provide event safety cover (e.g. International Coracle championships and 3 peaks challenges) as well as safety cover for film production work and Media (e.g. Amazon Prime – Grand Tour)

See our Bespoke Training page and Expedition Logistics for examples of additional work)

The above is just a small example of the variety of consultancy work we do. A wealth of expertise and the highest possible standards is why we are employed as consultants and specialists all over the world.

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