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Bespoke Training Courses

With over 30 years’ experience as an adventure operator around the world and a training provider, we have come to realise that sometimes the training needs for organisations and operators can be specific to their activities, staffing, client group, or environment.
There are many occasions where no recognised awards or certification meet their activity needs or standards of operation, or are even relevant to their environment, in the specific country they operate in.

For these reasons we have been asked by international organisations to design and deliver bespoke training programs to meet these needs and then to supply highly experienced staff, all qualified in their own areas of expertise, to deliver these programs.

These bespoke training courses have been delivered as one-off programs right through to helping to establish long term developmental courses and produce in country trainers and assessors to continue programs we helped to establish.

The below are just a few examples, not to mention the large range of bespoke course throughout the UK for media groups, agencies and operators.


Vanhang China

On the request of one of Chinas largest children’s outdoor providers we spent 2 years developing a range of new activities and designing locations and venues before starting a range of location specific training programs for staff. We helped these staff to then develop course and itineraries that they could deliver and went on to establish their own trainers that could continue this development. They now have 4 locations across China and we now assist with quality audits and ongoing support where required.


National Fire College – UK

For the last 6 years we have worked closely with the National Fire College to deliver bespoke water rescue training programs for the Saudi Civil Defence as part of a regular training program based in the UK. We deliver training to 150 people each year based on specific issues that they face in their own work urban and rural work environments.


Grimslövs folkhögskola – Sweden

Working with our long-term partner ‘Summit Adventure Academy’ in Nepal we have helped to design 12-week mountain and River guide training program for this Swedish College. This course is based twice year in Nepal with 6 weeks spent in the mountains and 6 weeks on the rivers, with Adventure Consultancy now running the end of course assessments in Nepal for all of the participants.


1st Annual River Guide Training – Bhutan

After 14 years of work in Bhutan we have helped to establish the river industry with the supply of equipment, researching the rivers and training the staff. Having trained the first few guides in Bhutan and run some pilot training courses we are delighted to be working with the Tourism Council of Bhutan in 2020 to run the 1st River Guide Training program and the start of a recognised program to be developed across the Kingdom


We offer free advice and consultation for bespoke training needs – just get in touch.